Welcome to When in Roam!

When in Roam is a journey of the heart, a connection to travel, and an adventure into the unknown of young solo backpacker.

My name is Meagan Ellis and I am a small town girl with a restless passion for new and cultural places. I aspire to travel the world over the course of my life. Spending time in a country, walking through hidden streets, tasting local cuisines, meeting local people, staying in hostels or tents on the beach, and meeting wonderful travelers along the way. When in Roam is a concept that has been in development for 3 years, and is my ongoing commitment to change tourists into travelers one blog post at a time.

Our  Mission

Through this blog, my hope is to pay it forward so that the information that has helped enlighten my travels from fellow locals and travelers, can help enlighten yours. Sharing the triumphs, trials and errors of travel, the places to eat, off the beaten path recommendations, route plans, and best travel methods.

When in Roam is a vision to help get back to keeping travel simple. So follow the journey and feel free to join the vision by sharing with me your local recommendations and connections on our contact us page.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!

Inspiring Tourists to become Travelers